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Just saw this lying around...

~ I can't, I can't be tamed! ~


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10th Jul, 2011 17:51 (UTC)
i love this video ^^
11th Jul, 2011 19:43 (UTC)
Oh thank you :) Are you a Miley fan? x
11th Jul, 2011 19:44 (UTC)
What's your fave song of hers?
14th Jul, 2011 00:36 (UTC)
yeah I'm a miley fan :D
hahaha my favorite is can't be tamed and permanent december ^^
14th Jul, 2011 16:34 (UTC)
Yaaay! So am I! :D Im a HUUUGE Smiler! :) <3 Do you like Demi or Selena?
I like can't be tamed and permanent december aswell. My favourites are Party in the USA, 7 Things, EVERYTHING of hers! :D Lol Im getting really hyper here. *Cough cough* Excuse me. LOL ;) I like some Japanese+Korean artists aswell, actually.
16th Jul, 2011 02:44 (UTC)
I love all her songs too and her everything too XD
hahaha it's okay to be hyper XD I'm like that also XD
I just watch her concert here in the Philippines last month ^^
and I'm super hyper XD she's very beautiful!
what you see in the camera is also what you see in personal ^^
I love japanese ^^
22nd Jul, 2011 18:59 (UTC)
LOL I see that it's okay to be hyper! XD (Like you!)
Ommmmg! You lucky person! :D How was it?
Ommg! I bet! LOL you are soooo lucky! You should have took me with you! :'( Hehee
29th Jul, 2011 02:06 (UTC)
If you just live here in the Philippines then I might took you XD coz I'm alone when I watched it ><
I just knew fans on the concert XD
11th Aug, 2011 21:05 (UTC)
Aww cool :) Im in the uk, a loooong while away :(
What language do you speak? I mean, answer if you want :D
What age are you? I heard permanent december and I looove it xD
Do you like any other artists? Selena Gomez? Demi Lovato?
12th Aug, 2011 14:34 (UTC)
I speak Tagalog ^^ but I can speak in english also :D
I'm already 20! ! year older than Miley hehehe
I only like Miley hehehe
12th Aug, 2011 14:38 (UTC)
Ohhh cool :)
Woooah. Heheee ;) Im 12, turning 13 soon. Heheeee
I like Miley and Demi. Heheee x
12th Aug, 2011 15:58 (UTC)
you're too yung XD you'll just become a teenager soon lol
I stick to Miley only haha
14th Aug, 2011 18:37 (UTC)
hahaaa ;)
could you pleeease post the rest of the comments to my other account livelovecyrus? thanks <3
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