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Writer's Block: What would ____ do?

If you have the opportunity to be someone else for one week then who would you be? Tell us why and what you would do.

I would be Miley Cyrus, and I would just live her life and do what she does. I'll also follow myself from her Twitter account ;)
I know sneeky!

* Memi and Maylor *


How beautiful!!! :D <3
Gifs coming sooon! :) x

My faves <3


Them and their moustaches :) Such jokies aren't they?
Forever loved <3

*It's a Party in my hood!!*

Woooot woooot! It's the Summer Holidays!!! :D xx

~ School's out for SUMMER!!~

Yours forever! xxx     

Just saw this lying around...

~ I can't, I can't be tamed! ~

Writer's Block: No. 1 hits

Which is your favorite classic Beatles’ song, and why?

Hmm... My fave song of the Beatles is "Come together" because it's really catchy and I LOVE the music...
I'd rather listen to the cover versions, eg. Kris Allen but yeah. Awesome song! :)

Wooot wooot!

Ommmg! Yesterday (29/06/11) I finished and clocked Gta:Vice City! :D I felt over the moon. Well Now, Im just posting onto AnythingDisney and Im kinda frustrated as to how you do an LJ cut, so If you know pleease comment below. Im going to try again with something random so please excuse me. LOL :) Sooorry, Im tooo cheerful! Okaay then... Cyaa x

"A tester cut.."Collapse )

Miley pics

                                  Just some Miley pics!! :D Enjoy :) xx <3


( Sorry, If they come out really rubbish quality! )   And for Miley and Taylor! :D                     TADAAA!! :D x <3


Ahhhh! I haven't posted in a VERRRY loooong time! :/
Just here to let youu know Im still ALIVE LOL ;)
Something interesting? Im going to Alton Towers.. On wednesday. Im REEALLY excited!! :D
Okaaay then. I'll let you know how that goes! :) Will take some pics aswell :)
Cyaa then xx

(Ps. Feeling exxxttrrreaamly ill :'( )

Chris Brown- Yeahx3 + My review!

Here's my review of this AMAZING song Yeahx3!

This song is sooo addictive and sooo amazing. Once you hear it, you will keep playing it.... So BEWARE!! 
The song lyrics and really catchy and you will be able to remember them. The bridge/hook is nice and funky- A talent of Chris brown,  his rapping! Also, the video is stunning, the view and everything about it is beautiful. The choreography for the MV is verrry cool with Chris himself dancing and some back up dances. It's recorded on a street with some kids, adults and all ages with some houses nearby. I LOVE the MV and the outfits are also GORGEOUS. Nice bright colours! The Song was released on: 25/10/10 which was I think too early! This song was aired pretty late in the UK and it should have been released in Summer time- The PERFECT time! This song got pretty high up in the official charts, both US and UK. This song is EPIC and if you haven't heard it...well you're in for a treeat! <3