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23rd Apr, 2011

              I can't believe it's took me this long to realise how much I loove Jiley!! :D <3


Hey hey!


I went to the cinema with my cousins and mum today to watch Sucker Punch! It was REAALLLY goood but my cousin felt scared! Lmaoo! Okiee then, here's a little trailer! :D ENJOY!! Might post later! :) xxx


Happy Birthday!

Can I just wish a Very happy birthday to ysa41693, she is AWESOME and I wish she has a fab B-day!! :D xxx <3                                         
                                                                 I know it's just LJ,
                                                         But it's a special Bday,
                                                         A post from me too,
                                                         To show you, how much I love you! :)

 Have a good one, Love you! Happy Birthday from us ALL!! <3 :) xxx


Some Miley Cyrus Gifs! <3


Nothing much is happening. Pretty bored but having to do some homework! :(
Listening to some music and tweeting! Anything cool happening? Having to do some Fruit Corner gift things for my mum aswell.
Lot's to do! :)
Going to post some Miley gif's soon! Cyaa then xxx <3

11th Apr, 2011

Feeling pretty tired. *Yaaaawn*
Tomorrow's going to be a new day and might go for some swimming at the Concord lesuire centre. Lmaoo!
Today my baby cousin came again and i felt sooo sorry for him when he was going home because he was screeaming and went proper red, crying as he didn't want to go home! :(
Ohhh well.... He shall come again (As usual) Tomorrow. Hehee! 
Okay then, might come again later if im bored. Heading off for some more commenting and Twitter and maybe edit my userpics!
Cyaa xxx
Drinking some more Powerade.. Lmaoo, pretty bored but just tweeting and on AnythingDisney! :)
I could share some more Miley pics later? Okiee then! Cyaa

Go Twitter!! :D Hahaa

11th Apr, 2011

Some beautiful and flawless Miley Cyrus pics... ENJOY!! :D        


Ay yay yay!

Nothing good happening... :( And the weather is also ALL gloomy! :( , My feet and freezing and I feel sooo eweee! :(
Going to upload some more pictures!